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Parking - DC Film

Let's just face it -- parking is beyond difficult in DC. Parking can be included with your film permit at no additional charge, but it's usually better to make arrangements with local parking lots and garages if at all possible. Frankly, due to the number of competing special interests -- the film community being one of them -- guaranteeing parking is really out of our control. We will, however make every effort to find spaces that aren't already permitted and reserve for you. But we should stress that even with a permit and posted parking signs, DC's parking spaces are, in-practice, allotted by a mixture of first-come-first-served, signage and regulations (as the ticket writer sees them), and to a much lesser degree (if at all) civility. Technicalities and ruthlessness seem to reign, as folks find signs torn down or tickets written on perfectly legal posted signage.

Please limit your requests to parking for commercial vehicles (box trucks, grip, electric, AV etc) absolutely essential to your production. Even still, parking for essential production vehicles close to your filming location is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. Also, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) must approve any requests for parking exceptions (i.e. rush hour waivers, parking in "no parking" areas, etc.)

Volume is higher during particular times of the year, so you should try to submit your request to us at least:

  • Three (3) full business days prior to the first day of work when requesting filming only; or
  • Five (5) full business days prior to the first day of work when also requesting filming and parking.

Applications received by 8 am are considered a full business day.