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Road Closures, Traffic Control and Other Special Requests

Requests involving street or sidewalk closures, intermittent traffic control, parking exceptions (i.e. rush hour waivers, parking in "no parking" areas, etc.), police assistance, special effects/pyrotechnics, erecting structures in public space, or other complex requests may require additional permits from other District agencies, and therefore may take longer to process.

When filming a scene that requires street or sidewalk closures or intermittent traffic control, you must have the Metropolitan Police Department Special Operations Division (SOD), and/or District Department of Transportation Traffic Control Officers (TCOs) on location to ensure public safety and assist with the effective flow of traffic. The cost of such assistance, including the applicable personnel expenses (at the standard overtime rates) must be paid in advance by the production company. The Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment will make arrangements with the respective agencies and coordinate invoicing and payment of expenses.

FAA/TSA Airspace Waivers

To apply for a waiver authorization to fly over the Washington DC Flight Restricted Zone (DC FRZ), please first go to the Airspace Access Program waiver application site at

The requester must create an account and provide all the required information. Currently the lead time quoted by the TSA for obtaining a waiver is five (5) business days. That five business days applies only after ALL information is submitted, including our support letter (see below), not taking into account any errors or flags that may be raised. Please contact the TSA for further information at (571) 227-2071, then press ‘2’.

OCTFME will provide a letter of support only after the film permit application has been completed and the film permit has been issued. The OCTFME Film Permit Application can be found at This issuance of a film permit will take approximately two (2) full business days to complete.